Kavanaugh order was over turn two years later. Declared  “gross abuse of discretion

Pending Supreme Court Case 18-6140

Kavanaugh history and blatant disregard for people with disabilities rights.

On October 6, 2018, in front of the Supreme Court. I spoke about how abuse of power destroyed my life. How indifference caused me to develop Agoraphobia. I was scared but the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh forced me to stand up and speak out about Judge Kavanaugh and other government officials who refuse to enforce our rights.

“If someone isn't able to be recognized by our legal system then essentially we talk about rights. They (people with disabilities) have no space to exercise those rights." --Emily Martinez Director Human Rights Initiative, Open Society Foundations.

As a person with disabilities, I have no space to exercise my rights. Justice Kavanaugh, has a history of taken advantage of my lack of capacity, and therefore taken advantage of my disability.  This abuse is especially disheartening because I ran to the DC circuit court to stop the outrageous abuse of Judge Richard J. Leon. Judge Leon filed my sister’s medical records only given to the court to receive a reasonable accommodation request under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Since my sister could not read or write she needed a lawyer to be appointed. I should not be forced to act as my severely disabled sister lawyer, yet our request was denied, and then Judge Leon filed her two-page detailed medical records into the docket as part of her complaint. I immediately filed an appeal regarding this abuse. I mean, not only did the court violate federal privacy rights, ADA rights and the court's own local rule of handling medical records. Judge Kavanaugh was part of the three DC circuit court judges who did not see my humanity and took advantage of our lack of capacity to file an appeal properly. But I thought if I write a simple statement saying the court unjustly filed my sister’s medical records as part of the complaint on the open docket, that the court will not care how I wrote the appeal. But again I am not a lawyer; I am a person who obviously inherited intellectual disability. So in my appeal, I wrote to the DC Circuit  "How would you feel if your grandmother’s medical records were filed as part of complaint for the world to see?”  ..."wouldn’t you want someone to care?" – But despite that approach, the DC Circuit Court still did not care.  Just like the Atlantic City police did not care when I tried to report a sexual assault in the 40/40 club in November 2007. Also, just like the Justice Department did not care when I reported the Atlantic City police that refused to enforce my right not to be sexually assaulted. And the height of it was also when the Justice Department finally responded to all my follow-up letter. The “Justice” Department said, “your complaint is not serious enough” for the Justice Department. How can being sexually assaulted and not having the police follow the rule of law be declared not serious enough?

 Judge Kavanaugh did not follow the rule of law. Justice Brett Kavanaugh's history of gross abuse of discretion disqualifies him from participating in my pending case 18-6140. Given Justice Kavanaugh history of judicial abuse in legally related case 13-7138.  Where Kavanaugh unlawful order was unanimously overturned May 2016, and declared a “gross abuse of discretion” by DC circuit court on December 6, 2016.  Due to Kavanaugh blatant disregard for people with disabilities rights, partisanship and personal animosity toward the poor he must recuse himself.

For more information about Judge Brett Kavanaugh's abuse, go to page 52-55 and 178-195 in the book Nevertheless She Persisted: Judicial Abuse Towards Voiceless Americans